MAINLINE Chookhouses

NEW and IMPROVED design.

Some recent R&D has made this "Built to last" chookhouse even easier to move around. This has all come from a slight change in the position of the wheels.  It is an all in one solution to keeping chooks at your place because you have total control over how you manage them.  Let them out to free range, keep them in and move the run, know they are safe. Lice infestations are reduced because there are no wooden nooks and crannies that lice love to live in.  A fantastic addition to a sustainable backyard.

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The lightweight construction of this unit sets it apart from the rest. The first couple of dozen eggs may work out a little expensive but you will enjoy having your own chooks. Our chook house will give you plenty of options, it can be easily moved to fresh grass or the chooks can be let out to free range.

  • Lightweight, galvanised steel construction
  • Ideal for 6 – 8 chooks
  • Easy to move (has lifting handle and wheels)
  • Includes galvanised egg box (2 compartments), wooden perches
  • Plywood floor – removable for easy cleaning
  • House roof hinged for easy access to egg boxes and cleaning
  • House – 800mm L x 900mm H x 900mm W
  • Run – 2100mm L x 900mm H x 900mm W
  • Welded wire mesh – 12mm x 12mm

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