MAINLINE Water Troughs

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Chook Water Trough - The original design

Mainline water troughs for chooks (the original design) are the best water trough you can buy to keep water available for your chooks at all times. (Also good for ducks and other adult birds).  Made from strong UV stabilised Polyethylene plastic (it won't degrade in the sun), this trough which holds 20 Litres of water, will put an end to the water container that gets tipped over and needs filling daily. The trough is dark green to stop the growth of algae on the inside. I often refer to this product as the best thing since sliced bread!!

Holds 20 Litres - To fill - tip on back so trough slot is at highest point and use garden hose or submerge in trough to fill. Water is held in trough by vacuum

Priced at $55.00 plus GST (courier costs will apply if we need to send to you and will depend on your location - just ask and I can give you a quote)