Mainline manufacture a comphrehensive range of mild steel storage tanks for petrol and or diesel to AS1692 standards.  All Mainline tank designs have an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approval design number eg TNK for stationery tanks and TAN for trailer tanks.

Mainline Sheetmetals is an EPA authorised manufacturer of fuel storage tanks. Register number FAB0018.  We take compliance seriously which ensures the tank you purchase will be a quality product suitable for your business requirements.

We are proud of our products, workmanship and the service we provide to our customers. We pride ourselves on building professional business relationships with our customers and suppliers. Mainline is a name you can trust, our "Values are set in steel". 

With 26 years experience manufacturing fuel storage tanks, you can be assured your tank has been built to last. 

Farm Tanks

Tank – 3mm Mild steel – pressure tested, sandblasted and epoxy painted Standard colour – shuttle grey (other colours available)...

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Diesel Trailer Tanks

A trailer tank can provide you with more options and a lot more flexibility in the way you use and store your diesel...

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Ute Tanks

Diesel - Ute tanks for diesel are manufactured at 280 Litre and 400 Litre capacity, usually fitted with a 12 volt electric pump...

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Bulk Tanks

Four sizes of fuel tanks available for larger volumes of diesel storage: 3000 L, 5000 L, 6800 L and 10,000 Litre...

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Home Heating

Manufactured to supply diesel fuel for heating systems, and generator engines...

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Containment Bunds

The regulations for above-ground fuel storage on farms (greater than 4ha) require...

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Tank Accessories

We can supply you with the following replacement parts for your existing fuel tank...

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